Since the collection’s announcement the fashunz world has been left in complete wonderment as to what is to come out of a collaboration between one of our generations more eccentric artist and the sensible uniformed aesthetics of  Jean Touitou’s A.P.C. brand. Well minds can now rest peacefully as we can now present the first glimpse of the collection in it entirety.  At first glance it would seem that the more “sensible” Kanye West has made an appearance as collection presents itself as an uniform for the ultimate utilitarian. The fleeced hoodies, loose t-shirts, and denim plays nicely with its step brother the rest of A.P.C. seasonal offerings, but like all bad seed this collection has a darker side that lies within it details. An 80s bodybuilder’s dream hoodie in the form of a short sleeve heather grey piece is given “the Balmain effect”  as it body is given side slits for well reason yet to be defined. We are also given an three way collaboration between the french atelier Mr. West and his partners in crime #Been #Trill. For the fans of the triple black kilted rhinstone Kanye you may shed a tear, as the Le Corbusier elder statesman has won out.