Street Carnage is a show on Viva Radio where every week they feature a special guest and their favorite music, the latest addition to list of interesting people is no other than A-Ron. His choice of music was that of his new band called The Interns which is his interns playing beats while he talks about shit, taking inspiration from rednecks rap. Converstaion embraced the topic of aNYthing and the Wreck Center and A-Ron’s answers went on for hours. Basically, “I started aNYthing but they say they own it because they put up the money so we’re going to court” and “I started the Wreckcenter but the neighbors complained because they thought it was a whorehouse so the cops shut it down.” This is some well worth listening as the humour and interesting info rings in your ears, check out a glimpse below and get over to Street Carnage for the entire show.

News via NYglob ofcourse.