Founded by Jonny Johansson as a creative collective in 1996, ACNE has a rich history of inspired collaborations. With a strong feeling of kinship to Fantastic Man’s mature and cultured approach to men’s fashion, he invited its two editors, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, to create something special, ‘The Gentlemans’ Jeans’.

”It’s reminiscent of a style that we’d see on our fathers and uncles – the dreaded pleated denim chino – but then updated and made wonderful for today and for ourselves.”- Gert Jonkers & Jop van BennekomWith its proper crease and single pleat, The Gentleman’s Jeans is a pair of elegant blue jeans designed to perfectly integrate with formal attire.

It is created for a mature man of work and leisure – a novel approach for a garment that has, since the 1950s, been associated with youth, rebellion and liberation.For its designers, Gert Jonkers, Jop van Bennekom and Jonny Johansson, it was interesting to think of how jeans originated as work wear during the Gold Rush, and how that work has changed from digging up gold to ploughing through meetings and emails. For jeans to feel relevant for the professional man in the 21st Century they found it timely to appropriate it to the modern world.

Silhouette and attention to details makes The Gentleman’s Jeans join the white shirt, dress shoes, dinner jacket and tie in a harmonious way, rather than being the garment that breaks it up. A slightly higher waist, an eye catching gold pocket button and a gently tapered leg that is generous around the thigh creates a very becoming crisp and ironed look – nothing less than a small revolution in the history of jeans.

The launch took plae in Paris on Sunday, March 2nd, during Paris Fashion Week. The Gentleman’s Jeans is in a limited edition available at Colette in Paris now and by mid march at Acne Studio in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, New York and on Acne online shop.

For more information check Acne or Colette.