For the first time in its 13 year existence, Acronym has officially launched its online store. Over the years the design agency (started in 1994) and brand itself (started in 1999) has become synonymous with merging style and technology in apparel design. If you follow Acronym or enjoy technical outerwear than, you know that they are one of the few brands in this niche market that are constantly innovating as well as making their garments more intuitive for everyday life. If you aren’t familiar with them head on over to their Store and check it out. ACRNM.COM

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    […] It was never a brand keen on marketing or flashy advertisement. And while its creative director Errolson Hugh always included the latest technical elements into ACRONYM‘s apparel, there was no direct retail outlet for the label. Maybe it was the need to perfect the ideal online store, or because it was too much of a distraction to the design process. What ever the reason was, ACRONYM resolved the issue last week when it opened its new online store. Just like Hugh’s designs, the site is streamlined to just the mere essentials and certainly something ACRONYM fans would laud at. You will find the store at ACRNM.COM via: SlamXHype […]