Heres the latest from Actual Pain, releasing very soon to stockists near you. The collection is entitled ‘Enjoy the Violence’ you can find out more about Actual Pain here.

ACTUAL PAGANZ – Sometimes we make sacrifices in life, sometimes they are human! This huge print is done in tribute to the days of old, where pagans ruled the land and people wore dope headbands like the this dude here.(see above)

ANTICHRIST – Gorgoroth are one of the best and horrifying bands around and we decided to pay them tribute by making the scariest man alive, Gaahl his own tee. This is the kind of guy who will threaten to drink your blood after he’s beat you senseless (true).

RABIES – Severed dog head! Giant color blended print! INSANE!

GAMEOVER – You can’t hug somebody with nuclear arms, when the other shoe drops… game over!

IMMORTAL DIAMONDZ – As of today if you asked us what two bands records we’d take with us to a deserted island to spend the rest of your days we’d answer instantaneously "Battles In The North" and "Fatal Portrait". No questions asked.