Actual Pain have put together an impressive collection of prints, backed up with an epic sweater. The prints grasps inspiration from a number of location with the Hammer Heart print setting the tone printed in two distinct color fades and also available in classic black and white. Blood, Fire and Death is a tee based on the unholy trinity of black metal, the Actual Pain design cult mantra. Then the long awaited collaboration with Santa Muerte out of Mexico City called Chongon which features an insanely big print is on the back of the pocket tee or hoody with five custom one inch buttons on the pocket. The Tarantula hugging the cross was drawn by Elrond, the guitarist in my thrash band Ripping Servent. The final tee on offer is entitled Poser Blood, inspired by the fact that Poser Blood contains 666 necessary vitamins and minerals essential available in four sickening color ways. Last but definitely not least a sweat of mass proportions called Chainmail, featuring a printed chainmail design on front and back with 3M reflective ink.