The one we were waiting patiently for in Paris, Adam Kimmel’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection didn’t disappoint. The same signature aesthetic from the New York designer – toned down references and masculine fashion. Adam Kimmel himself explains the collection:

I’d always wanted to do a Pacific North West collection. I grew up watching Twin Peaks and Rivers Edge and then a few years ago I came across an artist by the name of Dan Attoe. Dan was then known for his neon bar-sign sculptures but it was his paintings that captured my imagination. I was instantly drawn to his images of the rugged sublime that is the Pacific Northwest – where snow covered volcanoes and primeval redwood forests are the backdrop for the shit-kicking, off-roading antics of his strange biker dudes and Paintallica philosophers.

I went to Portland to research the collection. When I visited Dan Attoe I fell in love with his world. It was an America that was more motorcycle punk than granola backpacker – exactly the Twin Peaks vibe I was looking for. I based the collection on the look and sensibility I discovered there. Translated, it became a hip-length hunting jacket that unsnaps and zips to become a long trench. Heavy gauge cashmere sweaters come in cable knit and thermal waffle patterns. There are washed wool speckle blazers and leather motorcycle bombers with quilted cotton flannel zip-out liners and zip-off sleeves. The t-shirts and scarves come with custom Dan Attoe painted motifs. The quilted water-proof peacoats, like much of the collection, are reversible to give each piece another dimension. Included also is my own take on skateboard sneakers in felt suede and leather as well as ultra-light biker boots and classic buckle dress boots. By the way, due to the quality of the construction, the softness of the fabric and the technical versatility this is my favorite collection to date – I want to wear it all (not at the same time)!

I spent my Christmas vacation with my wife Leelee in Portland with Dan and his family. For two days Leelee and I trailed Dan around his Oregon haunts with a few cameras. The short film we made together is a slightly surreal portrait of Dan.  Wearing the signature canvas biker jacket from the collection is a road-trip into the backwoods of the artist’s psyche.