Adidas continue to impress with their Consortium series which has already seen some impressive footwear make it onto the feet of many. This latest release is definitely a personal favourite of mine, the ZX 9000 originally released in 1989 and was regarded as the big brother of the ZX running family featuring technology such as soft Cell and the Torsion Bar these changed the way the world looked at running shoes. This fascinating colorway, which has become the feature of the Consirtium series sees the ZX 9000 include neo green, turquoise and poppy with the sneaker releasing in April this modern incarnation of the model also features a salmon fishskin leather underlay,with a patent outsole and torsion lace-jewel to round the packsge off perfectly. With Adidas only having 350 pairs in production and very few stores stocking these you will be able to get them at Limiteditions once released.