The adidas Originals By Originals collection’s are coming together with some great distinction and it doesn’t get much better than Kazuki Kuraishi. Renown for his time with Fragment and A Bathing Ape, Kazuki has provided some really classic items with some great tech attributes obtaining a minimal feel.

“Kazuki successfully brings highly technical and modern influences to a stylized, very wearable streetwear collection. The styles incorporate elements such as waterproof zippers, bonding and taping seamlessly into the design. Footwear highlights call out the KBall Basketball sihouettes that come in exclusive materials.

“The styling of my collection suits me and hopefully the audience that my designs appeal to. I would really like to thank all my friends for their support and inspiration but most importantly I would like to thank adidas for having the vision to give me, a freelance designer, a chance to work on a project like this,” Kazuki comments on the new partnership.”

Thanks to HS for the info.