Apparently, up until last year Adidas was able to recover the prototype for The City Marathon PT. As it laid hidden for about a third of the century in the addict of a former technical director of Adidas, the 90 year old gentleman happened to be cleaning, preparing for a move when he discovered the prototype. The classic model adorns one of Adidas patented technology, the Dellinger Web, which disperses impact shock to cushion your stride with every step. In short, they created trampolines for your feet. With the additional “lost and found” story adding another leg to the history of this classic shoe, we will see the release of The City Marathon PT this FW13 in three different colourways representing Berlin, Chicago, and New York. In addition, a subtle nod to marathon racing is implemented by incorporating the distance it takes to complete a marathon course, 42.195km, adding to the branding. Expect to see these classics his shelves September 1st 2013 at your Adidas Originals dealer.