I made a silent vow not to use this blog as a tool for self-promotion, but hey, if I don’t run my mouth, it disappears into the void of throwaway collaborations where it most certainly doesn’t belong. adidas Originals Campus Vulc in association with the mighty Revelation Records.

I just interviewed Jordan Cooper for Crooked Tongues, someone for whom I have the utmost respect for – think Warzone, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge etc.  etc. as well as ex-Backlash drummer Jon Sinko.  It takes a lot to pique my interest fully, but my ex-colleague and good friend (and fellow Brickhillite) Mr Chris Law was designer on this project, and with his skills and Revelation obsession it was clear this would be very legit indeed. Makes a nice change from the hip-hopcentric realm of musical teamups too.






I promise I’ll shut up again about sports footwear for the immediate future.