Our friend Aerosyn-Lex Metrovic has recently posted his collaboration with photographer Jared Ryder’s most recent feature for Playboy Magazine. And it’s dope. (Considering Playboy is a cornerstone of American pop culture, this is refreshingly very forward thinking of them. Who knows, maybe Hefner would collab with Lex on a pajama design or something. Anyways, check it out here before it hits the newstands > Playboy – Tamara SkyNOTE: NSFW)

As a designer, typographer & Creative Director of The KDU – you may be familiar with his work with the bespoke fashion label Serum VS. Venom or seen his commercial work (recently he collaborated on the Hennessy campaign with Questlove)…

…but if this is all new to you, you’re in for a treat. Aerosyn’s work isn’t bound by any particular medium; although every project denotes his distinctive touch as a technically precise artist and craftsman, the final results stand alone as unique pieces. So make sure to set aside a good chunk of time to look through his work at his >website<.

We’re fans of his calligraphy and his approach towards integrating different materials in his personal art projects, so I’ll leave you with one more….

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  1. Elisa Lee

    Boobs and brunettes! Def a new twist on tradition. I think ?uest is fabulous. Is he married? Anyways, RE:FORM doing great things. Hiiiiii Riiiich.