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The problem with attempting an upgrade of your wristwatch from that $45 piece you ordered off Amazon five years ago, is that it’s hard to find a watch as beautiful as something from Bamford Watch Department without also bumping into Bamford Watch Department prices — like $27,500 for this baby.

But, luckily there’s at least two companies, Nixon of California and Sweden’s Triwa, who make watches worth wearing for prices you can actually pay.

What follows is a head-to-head comparison of the best offerings from both companies. May the best watch win and ascend the throne as your new wrist art.

The 48-20 Chrono vs. The Gold Nevil

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If you’re going for gold, Nixon’s 48 mm face, 23 mm solid stainless steel 3-link bracelet piece is as flashy as anyone who’s not a bad guy from Miami Vice should go. On the other hand, Triwa’s mesh-strapped Gold Nevil is more understated with only a 40 mm face.

Get the Nixon option here or the Triwa option here.

The Time Teller Acetate vs. The Turtle Brasco

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Both companies have an acetate timepiece in their arsenal that’ll add a classic texture to your wrist art. This time, it’s the Nixon that’s the subtler of the two with simple yellow face, 44mm case, and single line hour denotations. The Triwa on the other hand has a studded bezel and date-just at 4 o’clock.

Opt for the Nixon option here or the Triwa here.

The October vs. The Midnight Niben

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If you’re trying to work a little Drake into your wardrobe, Nixon has “The October”, a watch that’s clearly inspired by the Canadian crooner’s penchant for black-on-gold color ways. Alternatively, Triwa’s “Midnight Niben” goes beyond this black-and-gold with a deep purple inner seconds ring and high-contrast pink seconds hand.

Go with “The October” here or the “Midnight Niben” here.

The Deck vs. The Monocrome Nevil

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Couple the chunky case of Nixon’s “The Deck” with the angry red detailing of the face and you’ve got an intimidating take on the classic square watch. Triwa’s blue  “Monocrome Nevil” is less agrees, offering up a colorful reworking of the equally classic leather-banded wristwatch.

Go square-and-classic here or go blue-and-classic here.

The Time Teller vs. The Sterling Steel Nevil 

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If you’re a silver guy, the Nixon “Time Teller” has a 37 mm case in dark grey, coupled with a five 5-link chain. Triwa’s “Sterling Steel Nevil” features the same mesh band as it’s gold option matched with a mildly-technical steel sunray dial with steel chronograph sub dials. Both pieces come with blue detailing.

Go with the “Time Teller” here or the “Sterling Steel Nevil” here.

The Time Teller P vs. The Fiona Paxton Rose Lansen

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For the colorful, Nixon offers an all-plastic option in florescent green with off-yellow hour denotations and hands. Brighter still is Triwa’s collaboration with UK jewelry designer Fiona Paxton featuring her signature beading in black, white, and green.

Whether these watches are truly uni-sex, or actually for women, is up for you to decide.

Get the Nixon here or the Triwa here.


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