Air Jordan, perhaps one of the most iconic sneakers to be followed by collectors and players all over the world. The part of Nike have always gone beyond themselves in terms of innovation and design to create something inspired by what the most recognized basketball players Michael Jordan has put in front of them. The fact it holds such distinction around the world it is quite interesting to see what is in store for the quarter of a century celebrations.

Here is the first look at the “Silver Anniversary Collection” which takes on a relatively minimal concept with each of the 25 editions of the Air Jordan finished in complete white. Part 1 of the collection features I, VI, XI, XVI and XX1 and you can be sure to hear a lot more about the collection.

2 Responses

  1. stephanieslocum

    it looks very bare. would've been nicer looking if there are other color accents. :-)

  2. niceshoemart

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