One of the things I have enjoyed most about the recent heritage craze is the populist rediscovery of the traditional Scottish brogue, or as our US cousin call it the wingtip.   It such a hugely versatile shoe who’s formal/casual aesthetic works equally well with both classic and contemporary outfits.  It truly is a timeless piece and one who’s design is so robust it can easily withstand the many touches and redesigns that numerous labels have bestowed upon it over the years.

One of the more successful interpretations is the Alden Longwing.  They have taken the traditional toecap  and wrapped it around the length of the shoe, elongating the chunky shape and giving it a more elegant and flamboyant touch that draws the eye downwards.  These new versions from Japanese store Silver and Gold also feature a crepe sole giving it a more modern feel.  Usually I feel crepe soles should be reserved for casual styles, but it really works here and adds to the unusual style of the shoe.


In many ways its unusual that brogues have been so readily adopted as contemporary footwear, originally designed as robust footwear for muddy rural bogs and fields they couldn’t be more removed from a modern urban environment.  However, with their casual heritage, chunky shape and heavily patterned upper, plus they fact they look great with a pair of loose fitting jeans means their actually a really easy transition for those who have grown up wearing sneakers but are looking for their first pair of proper shoes…. invest in a decent pair like these or Trickers and Church’s and they will genuinely last you a lifetime.

Thans to Inventory for the heads up.