Blackbird have created another exceptional design with the continuing work with shoe maker Alden. This Charles Leo Gebhardt IV Unlined Buck is refined by the materials and the approach full of reference to one of pasts style icons.

Designed by Blackbird in collaboration with Alden of New England, custom bootmakers since 1884, this variation on the classic white buck was inspired by our resident Beau Brummel, Charles “Leo” Gebhardt IV and his original and inspiring personal style. Over the past 3 years as our key Sales Associate at Blackbird, Leo has dazzled everyone in the neighborhood with his clashing/matching neckerchief sock combinations and geniusly coordinated shirt and tie pairings. This one’s for you, Leo!

For anyone that hasn’t worn white shoes before, there are two ways to go: keep them clean with a suede brush and eraser or wreck them a.k.a. “dirty bucks”. It’s really up to you.

Since this shoe is unlined it will have a softer and more casual look when broken in than a classic white buck. This we can’t show since our shoes are sparkling new.

Available now from in store and online at Blackbird.