Days ago we saw the Foss Tugger Work Boot which was a result of Seattle based retailer Blackbird coming together with renowned shoe label Alden. This time round is another special piece from the archives of Alden with the Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot,

Designed by Blackbird in collaboration with Alden of New England, makers of custom boots since 1884. The Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot was inspired by the shiny simple uniform boots that so many delivery drivers wore back in day when milk and groceries were delivered. Christopherson’s Creamery (you can see their sign in the above picture, photographed in 1939) was a local Ballard dairy shop on Market Street, just around the corner from where Blackbird is today. We’re expecting to see this become your favorite boot – the one that you’ll wear with everything, doing anything for the next 20 to 50 years.

The craftsmanship of the boot goes down to the final detail of the construction. The navy blucher high boot plain toe features a perforated quarter detailing at the ankle. The outsole is a rubber Commando which boasts a superior grip and durability, while the cork midsole with steel shank adds longer lasting strength and support. Like all great items from Alden the high quality Goodyear leather storm welt construction which is of course a well documented process and the shoe is completed with a full leather lining.

Using the centuries-old method of pure vegetable tannage and hand finishing, the single tannery still producing genuine shell cordovan today is indeed practicing a rare art. The tanning process takes a full six months to complete and produces leather that is soft and supple, yet very durable. Alden’s classic patterns take on a unique character when made from genuine shell cordovan.

By virtue of their long experience, Alden stands as the acknowledged master in working and finishing this special leather into extraordinary footwear. The crafting of shoes from shell cordovan recalls, indeed depends on, shoemaking of the old school. The special qualities of the leather are elusive, unresponsive to high volume production methods. Cordovan demands the measured pace of hand shoemaking and patient finishing, responding to such careful work with unmatched luster.

Over time, the patina in Alden’s genuine shell cordovan shoes will only improve, deepening with each polishing and showing to full advantage the especially rich character of the leather. As durable and comfortable to wear as they are beautiful to look at, genuine shell cordovan shoes truly are Alden’s masterworks.


Available now from Blackbird.