Finally – Alexander Wang is releasing a menswear collection, after some very strong seasons in womenswear and winning awards for his uncanny ability to stylize simplicity. Wang’s line, T, turned basics into intricate fashion pieces without extensive layering or Comme des Garcon like patchwork and detailing. The only issue is that ‘T’ has and will be, until Spring, exclusively for women.

This Spring Alexander Wang will apply the same principles from his womens’ line and personal wardrobe to develop a collection of tees, tanks, hoodies, and button ups. Every piece will lay and feel soft and over stretched, like your favorite band tee, droopy edges, dropped armpits and loose neckline. Vietnamese fabrics stand alone in the collection and were mangled and beaten relentlessly to get the relaxed bed or beach shirt appearance and feel. The price point isn’t out of the ordinary for designer essentials; $70-$135.

Although you can wear one of these basic pieces under a Diet Butcher jacket or Wrath Arcane vest, should you?