“It’s great, and very different to go from being an employer to an employee. I’ve always been very open in saying ‘I love’, I’m very attentive to the business side and I’m very aware – I treat a business as my own. And you know, being at the studio here, understanding the needs of the company and what it’s like to be on that side has enabled me to adapt to an environment and have a different exploration of it. The studio itself and the teams were so welcoming.”

In a story that appears in Dazed & Confused‘s September 2013 issue, the magazine speaks with Alexander Wang, who shares his thoughts and experience so far as the new Creative Director at Balenciaga. Wang talks about his immediate reaction to Balenciaga’s legacy and how this has impacted his design aesthetic. The young designer states his latest designs draw from statues, “this idea of stone and the monolithic”, and Cristóbal Balenciaga’s own theories of the body’s interaction with clothes. A thoroughly enjoyable read, check out the complete article on DAZED Digital, or pick up a copy of  Dazed & Confused for further reading.