Coffee and cigarettes may be the two undeniable staples of the young NYC creative, but sandwiches can’t be far behind. Accordingly the young NYC creatives at ALIFE pay homage to the 125th anniversary of the mind-blowing Reuben purveyors at Katz’s Delicatessens with an artful offering for the deli’s celebratory pop-up shop The Space.

The first of three T-Shirt designs also ropes in another New York institution: Keith Herring’s 1986 “Crack Is Wack” mural which the graf pioneer painted on the handball court at East 128th St and Harlem River Drive. The second tee recasts Katz’s logo in ALIFE’s block font and the third weds their dot logo with Katz’s immortal storefront. There’s also a self-explanatory hat.

Grab a shirt and a sandwich at Katz’s/The Space for a limited time.