Setting foot in any store between now and New Years will subject you to a nightmarish red-and-green orgy of holiday offerings from every brand under the sun.

ALIFE has decided to take a much less in-your-face approach to their 2013 holiday collection, dropping a slick run of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and beanies with a marked lack of Christmas absurdity. In fact, if there’s any consistent theme to the diverse collection, it’s the use of a rainbow colorway: see the paint swatches on the wrist of the long-sleeve tees, the ALIFE prints on the black and white short-sleeves, and the black flat brim hat.

Scroll through both editorial and product shots above. ALIFE’s killer 2013 Holiday selection is already available in their New York store, and will hit their webstore on November 25th.