Marcus Troy has become one name that no matter what circle you participate in you have heard of. In a relatively short period of time he has become one of the most recognized and respected young talents within the street culture world, and a unheralded work ethic and sincere dedication to his craft he has propelled his name towards collaboration with many heavy hitters. In a little bit of a twist to our holiday series we are running Marcus wanted to provide us with a few items he decided to award himself this holiday season. We present All I Bought for XMAS by Marcus Troy.

Filippa K Lamb Skin & Leather Gloves:
I’ve been searching for the right pair of leather gloves for a while and I stumbled upon these and they fit like a glove (No OJ) The sherpa lining is perfect for this cold Montreal winters. Ssense

Acne Pop Hat AW10:
You can’t go wrong with a wool hat especially from Acne. What I love about this hat is that it is weaved tightly so it keeps its form. I just hate when hats get all sloppy after a season of wear. I’ve always had a thing for grey hats and this one just seemed perfect. Acne

Falling Whistle- Whistle:
When I purchase something for myself and the proceeds go towards a good cause I feel even better about the purchase. When ever you purchase a whistle chain from Falling Whistles the money gets donated to help fight the wars in the Congo. The people behind this brand are also great people and I have to show support. Falling Whistle

Macbook Air:
I guess I am just a sucker for Apple products! I decided to get myself the new Macbook Air, I plan on doing a lot of traveling next year and I needed a device that could keep up with me while I am on the go. Apple

Polo Fleece Slippers:
I just needed a cool and comfortable pair of slippers for around the house. Polo happens to be 1 of my favorite brands so I decided to copy my twin brother who had already gotten himself a pair. Ralph Lauren

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  1. eugmir

    all very subtle and grey…i like the bit when you wrote “sherpa”