The culture will only go as far as the youth or the young up and comers can push it. Adrian Carter has set himself up to be one of those folks to really push the culture in the right direction as he’s alighted with Stussy DC, Commonwealth, as well as a host of very prominent figures who are mainstays within the music, fashion and art worlds.  As we wanted this feature to really focus on those who will new and fresh it was only fitting for Adrian to invited to participate.

Bunney 34mm 925 Silver Gold-Dip Badge:
After receiving the 12.5 mm 925 Silver Studs as a gift from a very special lady in my life, I am completely sold on Bunney Jewelry and will probably gun for this one as well. Bunney

Margarett Howell Tailored Pocket Shirt:
Simple & clean. Cant really go wrong with this shirt, and as of late I have been enjoying traditional long shirts. Inventory Magazine

Feal Mor Cyclo T:
Love this approach to a nautical piece. The detail of the cycling pocket in the back as well as the white/white stripe colorway it comes in, I was sold. Union Los Angeles

Jawbone Jambox:
I actually ended up purchasing this for my girlfriends Xmas gift, and now I want one. Jawbone

Alpha Industries N-3B Parka:
While I was on the verge of purchasing the maroon version Supreme, I figure i have given Supreme enough of my money this year, this is a bit cheaper and right next door. Commonwealth