Andrew Bunney is a wealth of knowledge and an integral player in this culture. His role at Dr. Martens has transformed the brand and 2010 saw him continue the success of his own Bunney brand and the launch of British Remains. Have a look at my favourite list of XMAS gifts thus far.

Emily Sutton Bird Sculpture
I like the gentle work of these birds and some of her illustration. (Link)

British Museum Membership
I’m happy to visit the free parts all year around, but I want to support this museum as much as possible. (Link)

Celine SS11 Bag
I umm-ed and ahh-ed for the past few seasons with the leather bags, but perhaps this is easier for a man to use.

Beatrix Potter The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1st edition
The classic children’s book.

World’s End/Vivienne Westwood Pirate/Squiggle Scarf
(Worn here by Anna Sui thanks to Paul Gorman
Returning soon…?

Melody (S.W.A.L.K.) Movie Poster/Lobby Card set
This movie is quite forgotten in the UK today, and it was friend in Japan that re-introduced it to me.

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner US and UK original posters
My favourite UK social-realist film.

Louis Vuitton/Judy Blame AW06 and Cruise Collection
I don’t need the bags, but I always wanted the arrangements of keyrings and accessories from them.

Bunney and Mr Hare Shoehorn
I have one already, but if I didn’t, then I would love to get one for Christmas. (Link)