This is the first in a series of posts we’ll be publishing over the next week. We asked a bunch of our friends to let us know what 5 gifts they either want themselves or recommend for this coming XMAS. Union LA’s Chris Gibbs, leads us off.

Custom Built Bike from Feal Mor shop. 165 S. Labrea Los Angeles CA 90036. 323-939-6600
Vitus frame, Campy parts, seat by Gilles Berthooud; every rivet is adjustable. I love this bike! I haven’t been riding since I moved far from work and I have to now take my kid to school everyday. Maybe if I knew my wheels were so dope I would try and ride more???

Reverse fleece blazer by Kapital of Japan. One of my favorite Japanese brands and we don’t even stock it. My boy Pete from Craft (513 La Cienega¬†Los Angeles Ca, 90048P. 310.855.3976 E., who stocks them, put me up on game. I only wear their socks.

Nami oversized knotted crosses. I saw a friend of a friend, this guy Marcelo wearing one in Paris and I had to have one. I just assumed that he got it at some Nepalese Temple or some shit so I never asked. Come to find out, they are made by Nami, Boogie the photographer’s wife.

Visvim/Dita Sir Edmund Sunglasses. These are insane. Top shelf in every detail. Named after the man to first ascend Mt. Everest. The frames are real zyle acetate so they are moldable to your face. All the hardware is titanium and the lenses are mineral – polarized – glass. The same grade of glass used in F1 driver goggles. They also have a flash coating on the inside of the glasses to protect your eyes from glare. They remind me of the sunglasses I used to wear skiing when I was a kid. Like some OG Vuarnet’s but they are not a bite, rather they are very unique and original.

XCEL iphone 4 case. I recently crossed over from blackberry land and became an Iphone 4er. I get teased by all my boys telling me I have a girls phone now. This case “mans up” my phone a bit….
-Cases are made from 6061 aircraft aluminum.
-Bottom is made from ballistic plastic (strong as steel, lighter than aluminum). Won’t effect the signal strength.
-Fits extremely tight so there’s no gaps or wiggle room.100th of an inch tolerance.
-Cork pads for shock absorbsion. *Can be dropped from 12 ft.

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