Christophe Victoor is the new generation of our culture. A stylist, journalist, and creative director, the young frenchman has his own style and attitude to boot. When we talk about who is destined to take over the helm of our culture, Christophe always comes to mind. Here’s what he’s after for XMAS.

Roberu Olympus EPL1 case. I’ve always loved the combination of brown and white. These two colours match even better on this camera case, considering the lovely materials used here (leather and nylon rope).

Rei Kawakubo & Comme des Garçons book. Apparently one of the best documentation about the “godmother” of fashion to me. It’s a more than a must have, it’s a must read. (Link)

Custom made Tricker’s Bowood brogues shoes. Winter time is approaching. What’s better than bespoke handmade shoes, keeping your feet warm thanks to its tweed patchworks? Oh, and they’re Tricker’s ; that makes them cool in a way I guess. (Link)

Monocle magazine 12 months subscription. This year, a wise choice would be to get the subscription instead of running to London to buy every issue from the airport WH Smith, when it’s sold out in Paris. (Link)

Palace on Wheels trip. A Darjeeling Limited look-alike trip in Radjhastan. A week of vacation to begin with 2011. (Link)