Hunting and Collecting is without doubt one of the most exciting stores on the planet right now, they have pretty much the perfect mix of brands, don’t follow any sort of trend based convention, but simply curate a selection which has them looking towards the future. From clothing, art, mens and womens, and more… the space is a must visit for anyone. Aude and Niels give us their last minute XMAS wish list.


I really love these coathanger/closet by Alice Rosignoli. It is for sale in our store and it breaks my heart when a customers buys it and walks out of the door, I wish someone would stop on the way out and turn back to offer me one.

“White Russian”, my favorite drink, and I would like to receive a massive amount of ingredients (vodka, Kalua, etc etc ) to make some for all my friends in front of an open fire.

I would love to receive a ticket to New York and go shopping at A DETACHER, on of my favorite brands.

I would like this necklace by Arielle de Pinto, one of my favorite jewelry designers

and finally I wish for a Tassled Garland by Confetti System, they are good friends of ours and maybe they read this post and get the message.


For christmas I would like to relax my body and my mind and there are a few things I really want: I would love to receive (for some years already) a bed by Hästens the 2000TII and sleep, sleep, sleep

Then I would like this amazing waxed coat by Dana Lee from the winter FW10 collection, available in our store and in front of my eyes everyday. This is the kind of jacket you can throw yourself off a stairs or a fast motorbike with a smile.

I would love to receive a ticket to Japan and go for a Onsen -Japanse tradional hotspring – trip, and hop from Onsen to Onsen and soak my tired weak body until I am all charged again.

I know this might be disgusting for many people, but I just love Diet Cherry Coke in the morning and I would love to receive a lifetime pack of this beverage just for me for whenever I feel like it.

Another gift I want is this Topography Plate by design. I just love the idea of eating soup as if it was a lake in the mountains.

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