The next in our series of recommended and wanted XMAS gifts, is a list from Stussy Creative Director Paul Mittleman. 2010 has been a massive year for the iconic brand, its 35th year and a year which saw them cement just how influential they are even till this day.  Here’s Paul’s list of gifts for the festive season.

Burton Nug. It’s just supposed to be a fun ride.

Voightlander 50mm 1.1. At a tenth of the price of a Leica, it seems like a good investment.

Tudor Heritage Chronograph. I have always been a Rolex fan, but theres something special about this watch.

Faber-Castell. “Design Pencil” that is indeed the embodiment of design.

Donald Judd Catalogue Raisonné. I have wanted this book for 10 years, maybe its time.

Fresh Snow. I need to get in some good riding this year.