There’s always talk about who the next generation of influencers and leaders in our culture are set to be, I wanted to include in this series of ‘All I want for XMAS’ stories, those people who I think will be the next heads of this game. Peter Nguyen is a busy man, the New Yorker is a Design Assistant at Robert Geller, owns online Boutique Always Never NYC and also runs his own blog The Essential Man.

Prints from 20×200. Jen Beckman runs a gallery in Downtown New York and opened 20×200 as a way to make art available to everyone. Photos, paintings, drawings, etc are all offered at a variety of sizes, runs and prices – from $20 8×10 prints to 30″x40″ prints for $2000. This gives you the ability to own art you want according to your budget. All the art comes with a number certificate of authenticity and signature, as well as the option of having the piece professionally framed. My favorite purchase so far is Lamb No. 3 by Sharon Montrose.

Kikkerland Custom Music Box Set. I discovered this by chance and picked one up for myself, loved it so much I bought a few as gifts. It’s a music box mechanism that you can mount on anything. It comes with strips of paper and a hole puncher so you can punch holes into for the music. Kikkerland.

Robert Geller x Common Projects Combat Boots. The collaboration we did with Common Projects this fall produced probably my favorite pair of boots that I own. I have them in black and have been wearing them non-stop, they’ve aged beautifully. A beautiful suede, inside zippers, butter soft leather lining and a nice, solid wooden heel. Most people don’t realize you can take the spats completely off, which is how I prefer to wear them. Gargyle.

Uniqlo Heattech Socks. I got my east coast friends a set of socks and underwear from Uniqlo. Socks get a bad rap, but Uniqlo’s heattech (made from milk proteins and capture and retain heat as you move, as well as whick away moisture) are a life saver. They can hate me now and thank me later. Uniqlo.

5. iRig + iPod Touch. I picked this set up for my younger brother who, after getting his heartbroken, took up the blues and has been working hard to becoming the next Stevie Ray Vaughn. Aplitude’s iRig allows you to plug in your guitar to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and output it to an amp, speakers or headset giving you an infinite combination of amps and effects. Both available at Apple.