Every years a big year for colette. Just when you think the Parisian superstore can’t do anything bigger, they constantly do. Sarah is without doubt one of the single most influential people in fashion today, and we can be sure 2011 will hold some colette surprises in store for us all. Sarah shares with us what she’s looking for, for XMAS.

The new Kaws Companion x Robert Lazzarini. A real performance for many reasons, I find this piece absolutely outstanding ! and we just received it !

The Pentax x Nanoblock. I would prefer to play with it instead of reading emails if I have 1 minute to lost. (Link)

Katie Hillier dog necklace. I already have the rabbit but would love to collect all her animals, so simple and so adorable. (Link)

Leblon Delienne Lazy Smurf. Because when I look at him, I think, ok, I have to go to bed! (Link)

Tom Sachs Nugget playing cards. The perfect gift for everybody ! On each card, a different artwork by Tom Sachs. (Link)