Your perception of photos as simply just still images and videos as moving pictures is about to shattered.

OK, that was dramatic, but the 90-second film that Hesdy Lonwijk and The AmbassadorsStijn Waterman have created to showcase G-SHOCK’s new limited edition, all-leather timepiece, is truly mind-blowing. And definitely face-melting.

The video stitches together a series of GIFs in which a section of each flows, video-style, while the remainder stays startlingly stationary. Playing over the visuals is an equally dope spoken-word re-interpretation of Raekwon’s verse on Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.”.

The effect is so wildly awesome that it actually distracts from the actual watch that the video is supposed to promote, a G-SHOCK collaboration with designers Filling Pieces, OntFront, Ceizer, and URBMATH, meant to capture “the creativity and buzz of Amsterdam”.

The film will be screened at the G-Shock 30th Anniversary event in Berlin on Novemebr 28th as part of the wider G-SESSIONS campaign. Then, it’s up to a public vote to choose which timepiece is going from a run of 10 to a, still limited edition, 200. Vote.


The Ambassadors For G-SHOCK’s 30th Anniversary G-SESSIONS Might Explode Your Brain [GIF Video]