Here is another exciting proposition from the well known Dr Romanelli, having teamed up with Japanese label Anachronorm. Dr Romanelli provides with a greater insight to the background of the project.

Anachronorm is one of my favorite brands, has been for many years now . A  little Japanese company that does workwear really well. The great thing about Tomoki Tanushi is his distinctive style, a relaxed Americana approach, very casual , almost hippiesque. At the same time, it’s incredibly authentic workwear to the bone screaming pure quality and craftsmanship.

The collection I did with them is in two parts. The first is a easy to digest cut-and-sew collection.  We honed in on a small capsule collection of  traditional Anachronorm garments accented with Dr. Romanelli branding.
The second phase developed when Anachronorm sent me their premium vintage items from past seasons. I sat for two-and-half months with them, getting in touch with them so-to-speak, then deconstructed them to bring them back as a collection of bomber jackets and tote bags. They’re about 85 percent vintage Anachronorm and 15 percent new material, but they take on an entirely new life.

The collections will be exclusively available at The Prescription Shoppe at Hostem in London and Anachronorm’s boutique in Japan .