On September 19th, I received word while I was in New York that legendary drummer Earl Palmer had passed. It was my second death notice in two weeks. (My friend DJ Primo had just died from pneumonia in Brasil.) Though Earl’s death was a surprise, Primo’s death was an utter shock. The age differences: 28 and 83. The diseases: Pneumonia and a long time battle with lung cancer. Single, married 4 times, no children, already a great grandfather.. etc.

Death is never something you get use to. While I was in New York, I attempted to push all negative thoughts into the furthest regions in my brain; focusing on other things. But as I sit here in my apt pondering life and all its ups and downs, the one thing that saddens me is the idea that people lost a chance to know these two men. What they contributed, the lives they lead, what kind hearted people they were… But they made the most of what time they had and that’s all you can hope for..

I hope after reading this.. you’ll go and search for Earl and Primo.. learn about who they were and what they did. It’s about learning something new each day.. enjoying life and living. So here’s to them.. a celebration of their lives.

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