Andre Main

So Outkast is officially back together, which is pretty awesome news, although it makes me feel old, because they are celebrating 20 years of making music together. They haven’t performed together since 2004, which was apparently 10 years ago. I’m looking forward to hearing what they sound like, but I’m actually more excited about what Andre 3000 is going wear.

Love the music, love Big Boi, but to me Outkast is really about the incomparable style of Andre. He takes it to a whole different level. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t look away when he steps out.

Let’s take a look at his 10 most outrageous looks, and keep our fingers crossed that he stays sartorially insane when Outkast returns this summer.

The Fidel Castro 3000

Andre Yellow Pants

The best part about this summer look is it could work equally well in the whitest country clubs of East Hampton or the streets of Havana.

The Drag Queen King Tut 3000

Andre Egyptian

Gold accents can do a lot to dress up any ensemble.

The Gangster Samurai 3000

Andre mumu

Having a selection of various colored kimonos is a MUST.

The Mayan Princess 3000

Andre 3000

This might just be Andre’s best look ever, not only because of the South American inspired poncho/rug, but because he wore it to the premier of Charlotte’s Web, starring Dakota Fanning, where he voiced the character “Elwyn The Crow.”

The Canadian Tuxedo 3000

Andre 3000

Layering denim on denim on denim on denim is always a bold choice. Andre can pull it off, you probably can’t.

The St. Patrick’s Day 3000

Andre Hey Ya

Who will ever forget the green pile of vomit that was the “Hey Ya!” music video?

The Extra Terrestrial 3000

Andre Futuristic

Andre 3000 did the futuristic/alien/cyborg look wayyyyyy before Kanye.

The Bagger Vance 3000

Andre Peacock

And for him, “traditional” isn’t even “traditional.” Especially when plaid is involved.

The Nickelodeon 3000

Andre 3000

Is this closer to a traditional 16th century court jester or a Teletubby? You decide.

The Hendrix 3000

Andre Hendrix

Channeling Jimi Hendrix is really working for me in this particular moment. Especially with a giant Inuit belt buckle to tie everything together.

The Little Orphan Annie 3000

Andre 3000


The Swamp Thing 3000

Andre Grammy's

I guess sometimes you just have the urge to dress like a Mardi Gras drag queen.

The Classic 3000

Andre Pea Coat

And then other times you just want to tone it down, relax, and go classic.

While Andre 3000 was away, A$AP Rocky and Kanye tried to take his throne, but the godfather is back, and must not be messed with. I can’t wait to see whats next.