Louis Vuitton have teamed up with the Parisian Graffiti Writer/Artist, Andre, to produce a campaign around their new Spring/Summer 2010 Sunglasses collection. With polaroid in hand, and access to the collection, Andre photographed his friends and colleagues at The Standard Hotel in NYC. The faces we expect are all there alongside others in a microsite built by LV, featuring the art work of Andre, and this selection of photos along with more information and imagery.

As online marketing develops and brands find more ways to gain traction from online assets, Louis Vuitton follow the likes of Burberry by building micro-sites in collaboration with artists and influencers rather than spending on banners and the like. Content is king, and we all know this, its great to see companies such as this taking note.

Check out the micro-site here.



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  1. Oliver Zahm

    Are you sure Andre is a hotelier aren't you thinking of Andre Balazs?

  2. slamxhype

    Good point, was thinking more in regard to other ventures, but probably not the best way to term it.. looks like we need an edit :-)