Here is a very interesting piece from French graffiti artist André who has had his work featured on the walls of cities such as Paris, Tokyo, London, LA, Havana and many more. André has taken the Nabaztag, the newest Pop Icon, to create this limited edition marriage of the celebrated Rabbit with the no less celebrated Mr. A. This edition of Nabaztag by André has all of the characteristics and technical specs of a Nabaztag/tag, the recognizable face of Mr. A, a “Tout va bien” tattoo on one of his ears and of course, the artist’s signature on his back. This is a remarkable piece for any toy collector, with all the features like reads out written text in 16 languages, obeys spoken commands, blinks ears, speaks, play music and so much more expect to relive your youth with this.

Get you hands on the electronic rabbit at Ztore.