André Saraiva has been very busy of late, the biggest news, his new appointment as the head of fashion magazine Officiel, but whether an artist, editor or entrepeneur, its his iconic style that has most people recognising him. André has mixed up his usual motorcycle look by collaborating with heritage brand Saint James on a monogrammed version of their famous 100-year-old striped shirt. “As a little kid, I would go to Brittany to the sea, I would go to the old fishermen stores, and always grab a few Saint James winter sweaters, and the T-shirts,” he says.

André took their iconic “Naval II” shirt with 21 blue stripes and added a sketch of his signature “Mr. A.” New York is represented on the sleeve in a red and blue sailor’s hat, to tie in The Standard NY’s part of the project – which see’s the shirt being unveiled at this year’s Bastille Day party on the chests of the Standard’s staff. A limited edition of the shirts will be sold at Opening Ceremony in New York and LA, and Colette in Paris.

Source: Interview