Maharishi‘s Churchill Gallery in London is currently showing a double exhibition by Andrew Brandou and Dr Romanelli. Last week we showed you the launch, and now here’s a more in-depth look at the two sides of the show. All artwork and jackets are available to buy at Maharishi and DPMHI

Andrew Brandou’s ‘After Audubon’ is his first London exhibition and features beautifully detailed watercolour and ink paintings. The work is based on Audubon‘s 19th Century nature studies, updated to appeal to a modern audience with references to street fashion, designer toys and other elements of pop culture. The paintings are authentically detailed, right down to the aged watercolour paper, but the addition of modern references give them a witty contemporary twist.



Dr Romanelli’s ‘Surgical Strike’ collection is aptly named after high-precision urban military attacks. The collection boasts original military fabrics and garments from as far back as the 1940s, reworked into modern but classic jackets with the addition of high-quality leather, buttons, zippers, appliques and even Maharishi’s trademark camouflage. Impressive craftmanship and attention to detail are evident in the perforated leather trims, silk linings, military accesories and camouflage zippers, and a polaroid attched to each jacket shows the raw materials used to make the final product.