I will be the first to tell you that I have been the biggest critic of Android Homme since their debut launch just a few years ago. Their footwear’s silhouettes seemed overly designed, practicality was nonexistent, and their material usage down right gaudy. Just not a product I saw really making a dent within the overly saturated footwear market. That is until I was given my first glimpse into the refined direction and presentation which is their Spring 2010 line. Refined is really the proper word for this season’s pieces. They have taken their fashion forward sensibilities and really honed in on practical pieces, which, while pushing the limits of everyday uniform wear, have a really refreshing outcome. Classic pieces such as the Jet Pack and Propulsion see a return, while pieces such as the deck shoe inspired Space Deck, Craft and Apollo see the light of day. The standout piece for me is the Mach1; a freeform “bootie” is the only way I could begin to describe its construction, but once you see it will easily be the most recognizable shoe out of the collection. I Fully enjoy seeing such a brash collection that really has a sense of practicality to it. Visit Android Homme for stocklist and more.