Android Homme is set to release some new custom fit tees for Summer 2013. Designer, Javier Laval’s, intention is to create a mens t-shirt that can survive multiple wears and washes while aging well over time, Laval, has opted for a garment dyed, silicon washed, cut & sew blank that features an elongated fit for what he calls the “Android Man”. Summer graphics include the empowering “I am the Future” conceptualized with a sly nod to the ancients, and “Tupac was an Android” which pays homage to the fallen rapper by acknowledging his super-human existence. Also prevalent are various references to sacred geometry such as, Light Vehicle, adorned with three shapes known as, Merkabah, which were allegedly used in meditation by ascended masters to connect with those in tune with the higher realms. This campaign shot by Jared Ryder and featuring the twins Tyler & Taylor provide a great contrast of duality. Always heady yet grounded in the outer rings of evolving street culture, look for the new range of Android Homme tees available now on