WoodWood Gallery in Manhattan currently have Andy Warhol’s rare diamond dust screenprints on exhibition, some of his finest work that represent’s a very unusual and often overlooked moment in his prodigious late-period output. Created in 1979 seemingly as a reaction to the intense figurative content of his nearly endless portrait series begun in the 1960s, Warhol’s “Diamond Dust & Shadows” series takes the artist back to the abstract method he so roundly rejected at the beginning of his career when he sidestepped the burgeoning AbEx movement to nearly single-handedly define the Pop genre. For these pieces Warhol photographed carefully composed shadows in his studio and then silk-screened the resulting abstract compositions onto paper using prodigious amounts of vibrant color and ground diamond dust to create a repetitive series a complete contrast of his previous work until then. This is the first time the entire collection has been presented together which is interesting in its self. Footage from SuperTouchBlog