Salvatore Ferragamo’s extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship in footwear gained him many admirers, including pop art icon Andy Warhol; who owned a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Brogues back in the 80s. It was the only style of shoes which the renown Italian shoe maker  designed for men in his lifetime (1898-1960), the brogues offered exceptional comfort, and Andy Warhol naturally wore these in the studio, painting and working in them. Over time, the brogues were speckled and splattered in paint. Then 19 years after Andy Warhol passed away, in 2006, the Ferragamo family bought the paint-specked Warhol shoes at a Christies auction (More here). And now the ‘Creation’ brogue has been recreated in honour of the great pop art icon.

Authorized copies are now available for USD$990 at the Ferragamo flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, as well as Dover Street Market in London.

A pair of brown leather Ferragamo brogues, stamped on the insole in gilt with maker’s details, size 8, splattered with white, red, green and pink synthetic polymer paint — worn by Andy Warhol circa mid-1980s

Info: T Mag