Retailers have learnt in recent times that in order to not only attract traffic to their online stores, but to build their culture online, its important they do so by creating their own content and mixing editorial with e-commerce. Opening Ceremony has done this better than most, and today see’s a sign of just how far they’re willing to take this with OC founder Humberto Leon interviewing the legendary Anna Wintour for the OC blog. The interview surrounds the topic of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out, which OC are heavily involved in, but does delve deeper. Read the interview here.

HL: How do you think fashion blogs have affected magazine content?
AW: Like any evolution in the industry, they force you to become better at what you do. Vogue’s in-depth articles and beautiful fashion stories, along with coverage of the arts within a fashion context, is not something that exists in the same way on blogs. They force us to dig deeper for stories, but we’re not competitors; we serve different markets.

HL: Can photography and fashion editorials exist on the Internet?
AW: Yes and they do. They are just presented in a different manner and provide more of a complementary voice to what lies in the pages of Vogue. Every medium serves a great purpose to reach our readers. It’s not about forcing how we choose to present our stories into the same mold. It’s about seeing how our readers interact with each medium, and what we feel each medium has to offer the reader.