Anton Unai is a name known for his large-scale installations combining painting, photography, collage’s and spontaneous performances, to radically designed truly romantic and emotional landscapes. Unai’s upcoming exhibition entitled ‘The Disenchantment of the Bourgeoisie’ will set a very loud tone with the use of materials from the public urban area such as simple waste, rusty metal plates and yesterday’s newspapers. His work for this exhibition is rough while reflecting a vulnerable and sentimental feel based on gestures, provocative irony and chaotic compositions. Unais aesthetic continues to break boundaries with his unique approach to his work.

Anton Unai’s The Disenchantment Of The Bourgeoisie Exhibition open’s on May 29 at The Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin so make sure you check it out if in the area, in the meantime get a taste of his work below.

Thanks to Artschoolvets for the info.