While A.P.C. has already achieved phenomenal success over the years in their clothing lines known for their classic tailoring and subtle designs. Founder and designer Jean Touitou recently revealed that sometime in the coming seasons A.P.C. will add to their already impressive range of clothing and accesories collection a unisex perfume called the ‘A.P.C. Sustain’.The idea arose from an accidental encounter with Lisa Eisner’s aromatherapist on his recent trip to L.A., when the lady asked if A.P.C. could bottle one of their oils.

  “Touitou found himself immersed in a perfume development process rather more intimate than he’d expected. “It was like seeing a psychiatrist,” he explained. “She was making me talk about myself, my memories… Finally, I mention that when I was young and romantic, I used to put dead flowers in my guitar case. That became the brief, as they say. Wood, velvet, jasmine, roses…” A sample of Sustain that Touitou happened to have on hand proved accurate to his description. But what’s with the name? “It’s like the sustain pedal you step on when you play guitar, to make a note last. All the experts hate it, so I’m happy.”  ” – style.com



A.P.C. having already produced a great range of scented candles for home uses, an A.P.C. fragrance will definitely be a great addition to the label, While I’m actually writing this article dressed in A.P.C. , I really think a scent will be the perfect way to complete the distinctive A.P.C. look.


 Info: Style.com

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