Since we first heard of Aprix new line of footwear last year, I’ve been impressed and intrigued. The footwear released was in a timely fashion, simple, classic and of the highest quality and fitting with new trends within the industry, you could tell though, there was much more to it than fitting trends, there was a genuine feel to the brand and perhaps the reason why the product was so good. I decided to see if I could find out more and got hold of Michael AKA Skinny from Aprix Sports.

Could you explain to us who’s involved in Aprix Sports, where you met and why you decided to start a shoe company?

Brendon and I met through brendons ex girlfriend Anoma Whitaker who I knew from London.   Why did we start a shoe company?so we would have some shoes to wear. Not really that excited about to much thats out there and Im on my 6000th pair of sperrys. Honestly I had a friend who had a setup with a hungarian shoe manufacturing plant. He asked me if i wanted to create a line and i asked brendon, whom i knew to be a man of impeccable style if he wanted to give it a shot and three years later, with the help of our third partner Spoon, here we are. 

Whats in the name?

Growing up watching formula one grand prix I always saw not only the sport but its participants as they epitome of style….Aryton Senna, the Brazilian Wunderchild or Gilles Villeneuve who drove for ferrari. These were men that liked a drink and a late night but they were always fast on the track. They drank greedily from lifes cup and looked cool doing it. Grand Prix’s translation is the grand prize. which led us to "A" Prize… a sort of life metaphor….

Theres an obvious naval theme throughout your designs, where did the inspiration come from?

I’m writing this from the inside of the sailboat I live on – need I say more.

You hit the market at the right time, a stage where people are looking for more simple and classical design with a emphasis on quality, is this something thats been a strong philosophy behind the brand?

Brendon and I decided to design shoes that we want to wear. We don’t buy cheap crap so why make it. Im not out to make any statements with my choice of footwear….it just needs to look simple and keep me on the deck of the boat when its wet. 

At this stage you offer just the one style, what are the plans for the future?

We are gonna keep making things we wanna wear on our own feet and stick to delivering simple, well made and functional shoes. We have 3 new styles in the works which will be made available to our customers for fall/ winter including a leather driving shoe, a deck shoe and a camp mocassin. 

Can you tell us about this first release, what inspired this particular design, being your first movement into the footwear market have you learnt things along the way that you’d pass on as advice?

Its not fuckin rocket science- make something that looks nice, feels good on your feet and would go nicely on a vespa if you were giving Brigette Bardot a lift down to the port.

Aprix Sports is available at Nom De Guerre (NYC), Fred Segal (LA) and Beams (Japan), check out their website for more details, and expect updates here soon.

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