Presented as a supplemental line to the Aloha Rag’s mainline AR label, AR SRPLS was birth out of necessity for a compilation of quality basics that focused on functionality over elaborate embellishments. Meant to enhance the wearer’s personal style rather then hide it behind overly complicated fashion trends, AR SRPLS continues where AR as a label leaves off with inspirations drawn from military garbs refined with a modern approach to materials, fit and silhouette. Effortless is what comes to mind as Terry Cotton pieces intermix with smart suiting, and knits to create a collection that presents itself as approachble, more so then what is to be expected from a “high end” label. Although SRPLS saw its debut Fall/Winter 2012 it will globally launch outside of Aloha Rag flagship location with its Spring/Summer 2013 looks. Again nothing short of amazing as what is to be expected from Tatsugo Yoda.