Photographer Ari Macropoulos, who has teamed up with brands like Supreme and had solo exhibition on show at gallery’s like The Deep Gallery in Tokyo through to Midtown-Y-Gallery in New York and been involved in group shows like "JRP/Ringier-We Make books With Art," Christophe Daviet-Thery in Paris.

Ari has now played part in two impressive collaborations, both including skateboard decks the first piece is a collabration with Krooked, the same skateboarding company that has seen collaborations with the likes of Kaws, Michael Leon and Reas in recent times.

The second is a limited piece for Printed Matter, the world’s largest non-profit organization founded in the 70’s dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. The artwork Ari has used for this deck is entitled ‘Diptych’, a great piece of black and white photography of a young man shirtless.