For their most recent issue of the art magazine which also celebrates the Highmath exhibition Arkitip have handed the design responsibilities for the edition to an outside source, which s no other than the design trio Wood Wood. The 44th issue edition of Arkitp will also serve as the working catalog for the Highmath exhibition which will be strongly influenced by Wood Wood the danish label who have an impressive mix of underground and high-end which consist of Brian SS Jensen, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Magnus Carstensen and began life as a brand in 2002. Along with the support of Nike, they have produced this a 3D Viewer ad three Image reels which contains work from exhibition with issue 44 of Arkitip concluding the package. Each pack is hand packaged and numbered, this limited edition release of 1500 articles will be popular so make your purchase quick. Get it here.

Check our very recent interview with Karl from Wood Wood for some relevent reading