Here is a look at a great range of knitwear that arrived recently at the Tres Bien Store from the Norwegian and Swedish knitwear duo, Arne & Carlos. Since its establishment in 2002, the label’s unique influence from their traditional Scandanavian heritage and artisan-focused craftsmanship has earned them a valuable reputation in the industry, collaborating with Comme des Garcons last year with great success.

Their knitwear range is made with premium pima cotton to produce light sweaters that are just perfect for all year round. Made by experienced craftsman over modern machinery which then ensures top quality products. Further affirming Scandanavia’s strong position in the knitwear market alongside other great labels like S.N.S Herning. Take a look at these colorful pieces below.

Available now at Tres Bien Shop. Visit the Arne and Carlos site for more information.